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Australia’s Leading Training Plan ProviderTraining Plans for 407 Training Visa

Training Plans for 407 Training Visa make or break applications.  That is, nomination applications pass or fail on the basis on information (or lack of) in the Training Plan.  #1 Training Plan Service Provider We are proudly Australia’s leading Training Plan provider.  ALL TRAINING PLANS ARE WRITTEN IN AUSTRALIA BY REGISTERED MIGRATION AGENT! NOT OUTSOURCED[…]

family violence partner visa

Family Violence Partner Visa Rules

Family Violence Partner Visa Rules Provisions in law for family violence applies to partner visas where a relationship has ended, or is ongoing, but is subject to domestic violence. However, there are specific rules governing the process of applying for visa grant on the grounds of domestic violence (otherwise known as ‘family violence’). The rules[…]

Visa Assessments

Work Rights Bridging Visa

Work rights bridging visas are  possible through application, as under a number of conditions, work rights are not automatically granted. Bridging visas are granted to provide interim residence status. The status is required when applications are made for visas from within Australia. Bridging visas are not granted for applications made outside of Australia. Bridging visas[…]

Partner Visa Interview: Extensive list of questions a case officer is likely to ask

Partner visa interview prepartion MUST HAVE! The Partner Visa Interview Preparation Guide includes an extensive list of questions likely to be asked by case officers during phone or face to face interview for partner visas. Including onshore 820/801; offshore 309/100 or prospective marriage 309. This list is extensive and exhaustive. Quite often questions will be asked in[…]

Fraud detection

ATO Data Matching Temporary Visa Holders Beware

ATO Data Matching Temporary Visa Holders Beware The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has recently published new protocols on data matching between Commonwealth Departments and Agencies. Introduction of the new protocols is expected to dramatically increase fraud detection. Possible non-compliance and fraudulent activities of up to 1 million temporary visa holders are to be scrutinized. The period[…]

10 year ban on re-applying for Australian visas now in place

Stronger measures to crack down on identity fraud have recently come into force in Australia’s immigration system. From 22 March 2014, penalties under the so called Public Interest Criteria (PIC) 4020 were increased from 3 years to 10 years. Applicants will not be able to make application for an Australian visa with PIC 4020 requirement[…]


WARNING: UNAUTHORISED IMMIGRATION WEBSITE FOUND TO BE DEFRAUDING CLIENTS The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) recently warned of false and unauthorised websites attempting to defraud would be migrants of money and identities. One website in particular,, mimics the current departmental website in appearance and layout, particularly when using certain browsers. A departmental spokesman said[…]

Beware ‘bogus documentation’ when applying for a visa to travel to or remain in Australia (Part 2)

HOW DO DEPARTMENT OF IMMIGRATION AND BORDER PROTECTION CASE OFFICERS ASSESS FOR BOGUS DOCUMENTS? As Mentioned in Part 1 of this series, heavy penalties are now being introduced by DIBP for people found to have submitted — knowingly or otherwise — false or misleading documents or proven to have filled in forms with incorrect information.[…]

Beware of ‘bogus documentation’ when applying for a visa to travel to or remain in Australia (Part 1)

HOW DO DEPARTMENT OF IMMIGRATION AND BORDER PROTECTION CASE OFFICERS ASSESS FOR BOGUS DOCUMENTS? Bogus documentation is dealt with in s97 of the Migration Act (1954). Bogus documents are defined as being false in a material particular, which basically means documentation that is telling a lie or hiding the truth. The Act defines a bogus[…]