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Work Rights Bridging Visa

Work rights bridging visas are ┬ápossible through application, as under a number of conditions, work rights are not automatically granted. Bridging visas are granted to provide interim residence status. The status is required when applications are made for visas from within Australia. Bridging visas are not granted for applications made outside of Australia. Bridging visas[…]

Beware of ‘bogus documentation’ when applying for a visa to travel to or remain in Australia (Part 1)

HOW DO DEPARTMENT OF IMMIGRATION AND BORDER PROTECTION CASE OFFICERS ASSESS FOR BOGUS DOCUMENTS? Bogus documentation is dealt with in s97 of the Migration Act (1954). Bogus documents are defined as being false in a material particular, which basically means documentation that is telling a lie or hiding the truth. The Act defines a bogus[…]