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Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement Student Visas

Visa Refusal Ground: Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)


Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement for multiple visas- What is it?

The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirement is defined, in the case of student visas, by the administrative guideline called Direction Number 69.

The Direction is a rule book for case officers deciding on student visa applications. The GTE requirement has expanded in recent times to encompass employer sponsored visas.


Genuine Position TSS 482, ENS 186, RSMS 187

The author has recently encountered an increase in the number of clients seeking assistance with refusals for nominations on the grounds of failing the ‘genuine position’ test. The genuine position test is applied to nomination applications under Regulation 2.72(10)(f) of the Migration Regulation 1994. The test states that an application must pass the genuine position[…]

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Australia’s Leading Training Plan ProviderTraining Plans for 407 Training Visa

Training Plans for 407 Training Visa make or break applications.  That is, nomination applications pass or fail on the basis on information (or lack of) in the Training Plan.  #1 Training Plan Service Provider We are proudly Australia’s leading Training Plan provider.  ALL TRAINING PLANS ARE WRITTEN IN AUSTRALIA BY REGISTERED MIGRATION AGENT! NOT OUTSOURCED[…]


How can I get a person released from Australian immigration detention?

We often have enquiries asking, “How can I get a person released from Australian immigration detention?” The short answer is that it is not easy. BUT, it is also not impossible.  There are different reasons people are taken in to immigration detention.  To arrange for temporary or longer term release, it is first necessary to[…]

Common breach of conditions that lead to student visa cancellations?

Student visas are monitored for compliance by Immigration officials in accordance with Australian Immigration Law. Schools and colleges are required to keep records of student attendance and performance. Attendance below 80% or consistent poor performance may result in cancellation of visas. Most often, cancellations occur because of breaches to – 8105 Limitations on working hours[…]

family violence partner visa

Family Violence Partner Visa Rules

Family Violence Partner Visa Rules Provisions in law for family violence applies to partner visas where a relationship has ended, or is ongoing, but is subject to domestic violence. However, there are specific rules governing the process of applying for visa grant on the grounds of domestic violence (otherwise known as ‘family violence’). The rules[…]

ENS Nomination Refusal

ENS Nomination Refusal  — How to Manage the Risk for Visa Applicant Applications for Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) visas (186) are subject to requirements to demonstrate a genuine need for the position being nominated. ENS nomination refusal is largely due to inadequacy of statement of genuine need. The requirement to provide evidence of genuine need of[…]


English Test Scores Comparison Table – Skilled Migration

The English Test Scores Comparison Table shows the scores required for Australian migration and study. The language tests are universally accepted in Australian education and career fields. The five language testing systems accredited by the Australian government include: IELTS English Test Scores Comparison Table TOEFL English Test Scores Comparison Table PTE English Test Scores Comparison Table CAE English Test[…]


签证到期/取消/拒绝/移民拘留 签证过期了吗? 如果您的签证已经过期或即将到期,我们会协助办理临时签证申请,以维护您的合法身份。 取消/拒绝签证 我们在AAT(上诉法庭)上诉取消和拒绝签证方面拥有丰富的经验。将您的决定记录发送给我们,免费评估您的案例前景。 我们对取消撤销请求也非常有经验。 移民拘留 我们协助某些客户采取法律措施解除移民拘留。 其他签证和移民协助 – 雇主赞助的签证 – 家庭签证 – 难民签证 有关更多信息,请联系Joy Chen女士,微信: fatcat522

Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa

Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa is to commence in March 2018. TSS is the replacement visa scheme of 457 visa program, splitting the 457 program into short and long term visas. Occupations lists Risks to application Streamlined processing – risk of early refusal Greater emphasis on genuine position Labour market testing tightening – specific measures[…]

Sponsored Jobs Australia

Sponsored jobs Australia can be accessed through affiliate site Sponsor-Connect. This website for sponsored jobs Australia is an online database featuring ONLY sponsoring employers. Employers can browse resumes for free. It is also free for employers to contact sponsored work seekers directly. Recruiters are also able to use the online services for free. Employers can[…]

Visa cancellation

Visa Cancellation Australia

Visa Cancellation Australia – Things to know Visa cancellation under Australian immigration law can be initiated by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for the following reasons: Discovery of false, misleading or ‘bogus’ information during applicaiton; Discovery of fake documents supplied as evidence during application; Character grounds for criminal convictions or, in some[…]

457 to 186 Permanent Visa Pathway – Where is it at?

457 to 186 Permanent Visa Pathway Changes to 457 to 186 permanent visa pathway from April 2017 to March 2018 have continued as planned by the Australian government. However, a number of important questions are yet to be resolved. One issue creating confusion is eligibility for existing 457 visa holders and applicants to transition to[…]

Training Benchmark Changes

Training Benchmark Changes 2018

Training Benchmark Changes for Employer Sponsors from August 12 2018 Training benchmarks were relevant for applications for TSS/457, Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS). On August 12 2018, critical changes were made to rules surrounding training benchmarks with the Skilling Australia Fund. In a move that has radically simplified the training[…]

Visa Assessments

Work Rights Bridging Visa

Work rights bridging visas are  possible through application, as under a number of conditions, work rights are not automatically granted. Bridging visas are granted to provide interim residence status. The status is required when applications are made for visas from within Australia. Bridging visas are not granted for applications made outside of Australia. Bridging visas[…]

Partner Visa Interview: Extensive list of questions a case officer is likely to ask

Partner visa interview prepartion MUST HAVE! The Partner Visa Interview Preparation Guide includes an extensive list of questions likely to be asked by case officers during phone or face to face interview for partner visas. Including onshore 820/801; offshore 309/100 or prospective marriage 309. This list is extensive and exhaustive. Quite often questions will be asked in[…]

Family Sponsored Visa Composition of Family

Family sponsored visas for Australia include Parent and Child visas. For secondary applicants as family members, there are varying definitions of composition of family. This can vary by visa category. For certain family sponsorship, the definition of a family member will determine the applicant’s eligibility. The following relationships usually apply:   Close Relative a spouse,[…]

No further stay condition

No Further Stay Condition

No Further Stay Condition – 8503 No Further Stay condition is applied to some but not all visas. Information on No Further Stay condition can be found on the Australian Immigration website. When applying for a waiver to the condition, it is important to understand whether the condition applied to your visa is mandatory or[…]