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Work Rights Bridging Visa

Work rights bridging visas are  possible through application, as under a number of conditions, work rights are not automatically granted.

Bridging visas are granted to provide interim residence status.

The status is required when applications are made for visas from within Australia.

Bridging visas are not granted for applications made outside of Australia.

Bridging visas are granted for a range of reasons and in a range of scenarios. Detailed information is available on the Department’s website.

Work rights on bridging visa A are granted when valid application is made from another substantive visa. (Note, a substantive visa is a typical visa with exception of bridging visas and special purpose visas).

The work rights will carry on from the previous substantive visa held.

Bridging visa C may be granted work rights. This will depend on the visa conditions of the last substantive visa held.

For bridging visa C holders without work rights, application will need to be made. This is called Permission to Work application.

Permission to WorkThe same will apply for bridging visa E holders.

Bridging visa E is the least favoured bridging visa. This means it has the most restrictions of the bridging visas (no work, travel or study rights).

To change this, application also needs to be made.

Work rights on bridging visa E are usually difficult to obtain. To be successful in application, there will need to be ‘grounds’ for applying. That is, you will need a good reason to be making the application.

It is only natural that you need to work to support yourself. However, the Department sees this differently.

The Department operates on the principle, that if you are on a ‘least favoured’ bridging visa, your migration history has had some problems. These problems may be your doing, or may be simple administrative error.

Writing your Permission to Work Application 

If you need to make application for your work rights on a bridging visa, consider the following.

  • Address reasons you are on a bridging visa.
  • Describe your financial support scenario prior to this application.
  • Describe your current financial hardship.
  • Describe how you intend to support yourself with work rights.
  • Provide a time frame you expect to need the work rights.
  • Provide as much supporting evidence with your application as possible.

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