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Australia’s Leading Training Plan ProviderTraining Plans for 407 Training Visa

Training Plans for 407 Training Visa make or break applications. 

That is, nomination applications pass or fail on the basis on information (or lack of) in the Training Plan. 

#1 Training Plan Service Provider

We are proudly Australia’s leading Training Plan provider. 


About the Training Plan

The Training Plan is the single most important document in Training Visa application process.

Lodged with Nomination applicaiton, the Training Plan MUST BE CUSTOMISED to the trainee and in response to clearly defined and articulated training competencies.

The Training Plan must also be customised to the training context of the sponsor and the type and methods of training chosen in the nomination application.

Failure to consistently link all of these elements will result in nomination application refusal.

Why Us?

Principal migration agent at VISAFAQ (and employer sponsor visa services website Mr Paul Sadler has written hundreds of training plans for private and government clients as well as migration agents and lawyers representing clients in Training Visa applications.

Mr Sadler has reviewed scores of nomination application refusals and fully understands all reasons Departmental case officers use when making refusals. 

The process used by Mr Sadler in composing each training plan is to analyse the skills and competencies of the trainee and to draft a training program around specific and targeted skills deficits.

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Some Quick Facts about Training Visa 407

Training visa 407 is for ‘on the job’ or classroom based training and skills development. Companies and government departments, Australian and international, are eligible to nominate trainees.

There are 3 types of nomination for Training Visa 407:

  • Type 1: Training for professional or trade registration
  • Type 2: Workplace training for skill development
  • Type 3: Training for capacity building overseas (3 subcategories):
    • overseas qualification (subcategory a)
    • government support (subcategory b)
    • professional development (subcategory c)

As an employer considering Training Visa 407, training needs analysis is recommended.

Training should be structured to the training needs of the nominee. Training needs analysis and program proposal should be prepared for nomination application.

Program Proposal should include:

  • Objectives, tasks and timeframes;
  • Delineate practical work activities and instruction and/or observation;
  • Assessment of nominated trainee’s present skill level;
  • Definition of milestones and target skill development;
  • Provide details of appropriately qualified and experienced supervisors (trainers, assessors, etc);
  • Anticipated skills development for the Training Visa 407 holder.

The tasks actually performed should be consistent with program objectives.

The timeframes for completion of tasks needs to be clear. However, it is advisable to indicate an increase in difficulty and complexity over time.

Show in particular who the trainee will progress to a higher level skills capability.