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Changing Course

Changing course after the first six months – Subclass 573 to 572

changing courseIf you have completed six months of the highest qualification course in which your visa was granted, you may choose to change courses or educational sectors. If you choose to change education sectors you must apply for a new visa and continue to study your original course until your new visa is granted for your new course. Names of people and education providers in this story are fictional for the purposes of this case study.

Kumar arrived in Australia on a Higher Education Sector (subclass 573) student visa.

He commenced his bachelor degree at Wattle University; studying a Bachelor of Communication to learn about the role of communication in modern society.

Kumar had aspirations to open his own mobile phone store. After two months studying Kumar decided he wanted to change to a Diploma of Marketing. He felt the diploma course was more suited to his career aspiration as it would provide him with sound theory and knowledge of marketing to enable him to progress his career prospects in sales and marketing management.

While continuing his studies at Wattle University, Kumar researched education providers and approached Bottlebrush Institute and enquired about enrolling in a Diploma of Marketing. The Bottlebrush Institute administration staff advised Kumar he would need to provide a release letter from Wattle University, before he could enrol in this diploma course.

Kumar was confused and didn’t understand why he needed a release letter.

The administration staff explained that a release letter was required because he had not completed six months of the Bachelor of Communication for which his subclass 573 visa was granted. Following receipt of this advice from the Bottlebrush College, Kumar checked the conditions of his student visa with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

The department confirmed Kumar’s visa was granted to study in the higher education sector at Wattle University. If he wanted to study a Diploma of Marketing, he needed a subclass 572 student visa, which is the correct visa for students who study a vocational education and training courses.

Upon receiving this information Kumar continued studying his Bachelor of Communication at Wattle University. He decided after completing six months of this course (his principle course) he would transfer to the diploma. He later applied for the diploma course with the other institution and obtained a confirmation of enrolment for the diploma.

He then applied for a Vocational Education and Training Sector (subclass 572) student visa.
Source: Immigration blog.

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