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TSMIT 457 VISA – What is it?

TSMIT 457 VISA – What is it?

TSMIT is the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold.

It is the minimum income level in Australian migration regulations for 457 visa. It is reviewed and revised every year.

The 457 visa is a temporary work visa (up to 4 years maximum validity). It is therefore the level required for 457 visa holder to have sufficient funds in Australia. This means the funds required for the cost of living whilst in Australia.

The threshold remains the same not matter how many dependents the 457 visa holder brings to Australia. If the 457 visa holder is alone, or with a family of 4, the level is the same.

How much is the TSMIT?

As of January, 2016, it is $53,900.

The Australian government announced late in 2015 that this is to be reviewed in April, 2016.

The level has remained at $53,900 for that past two fiscal years. But it is expected to be increased in 2016 to $56,000.

The Australian government relies on labor market conditions to decide whether to increase.

Can I apply for 457 visa if my job pays less than current TSMIT of $53,900?

There is no easy answer for this as the calculation of TSMIT includes the guaranteed annual earnings which includes annual base salary as well as allowances, such as car or uniform allowance.

If the threshold of $53,900 is not met, then application for the 457 visa would fail.

This is a significant limitation on sponsoring positions that are typically paid well below the TSMIT.

Ask us for a more detailed assessment of your eligibility if you are not sure.

If you are intending to apply for 186 Employer Nominated visa, the income threshold does not apply.

This does not mean however that you can drop to a lower income level once on the permanent resident visa. The contract for employment must be equal or above that of the pay and conditions enjoyed on the 457 visa.