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July 1, 2018

Sponsor-Connect – Recruitment

sponsor connectDatabase of Australian Employers and Global Candidates Employer Sponsorship Australia TSS ENS RSMS

What is Sponsor-Connect™?

For Employers Employer Sponsorship Australia TSS ENS RSMS

SPONSOR CONNECT™ is a new employment website assisting Australian employers to recruit workers where skills shortages in their local area exist.

Australian employers are encouraged by the Australian government to use Temporary Work TSS visas or RSMS, ENS visas to sponsor employees they need when all efforts to recruit in the local labor market have been unsuccessful. Employer Sponsorship Australia TSS ENS RSMS

Highly skilled, experienced and qualified workers from around the world desire to live and work in Australia.

[callout font_size=”13px” style=”limegreen”]At Sponsor-Connect we maintain an extensive database of qualified, experienced and highly motivated tradespeople and professionals from around the world with a strong desire to resettle in Australia. If you are considering experienced and qualified candidates with an excellent work ethic for your business, contact us to learn more.[/callout]

For Job Seekers Requiring Sponsorship Employer Sponsorship Australia TSS ENS RSMS

Candidates on this site are job seekers with skills, abilities, qualifications and experience.

Employers who cannot find those skills in the local market will use TSS visa, ENS or RSMS sponsorship.

SPONSOR CONNECT™ promotes skilled candidates to potential future employers. Employer Sponsorship Australia TSS ENS RSMS

Candidates need to be willing to relocate to areas where skills are low and Australian workers are not available.

skilled migration assessment


SPONSOR CONNECT™ is dedicated to bringing together quality candidates with Australian employers.

SPONSOR CONNECT™ is dedicated to channel marketing for business vendors, brokers and agents selling businesses for sponsoring Candidates.

SPONSOR CONNECT™ is supported by a team of dedicated human resource professionals. They have many years experience in Australian and international jobs markets.

SPONSOR CONNECT™ uses targeted marketing to support employers and job seekers. The site continually promotes employers to new candidates and existing candidates to new employers.

SPONSOR CONNECT™ internal profile matching technology matches new and existing members to discover sponsor potential. Recommendations are sent to employers about ideal candidates. Employer Sponsorship Australia TSS ENS RSMS