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January 28, 2018

Immigration Detention Australia – Seeking Release

Immigration Detention Australia - Release is possible under certain conditions

Persons found to be in breach of visa conditions consistently or arrested without a visa can end up in detention. 

Release is possible, however the process is complex and requires a case management approach. immigration detention Australia

There are a number of reasons people are taken in to immigration detention in Australia. 

The factors considered by case officers on application include

  • Past immigration history
  • Risk to the community
  • Strength of grounds to be released from detention
  • Support of members in the community
  • Links to the Australian community
  • General character considerations. 

Release from immigration detention in Australia requires detailed application process with supporting evidence. 

Time of application is also crucial, with strict limits on time to apply for certain grounds seeking release. 

Some recent successes

Over the past 12 months, VISAFAQ, and in particular Principal Mr Paul Sadler, has been instrumental in securing release of detainees from Emergency consult visa problemsonshore detention centres in a number of locations across Australia. 

  • August 2017: Mr Nguyen, a Vietnamese national, released after 4 weeks in Villawood Detention Centre; Mr Nguyen's case still under management and Mr Nguyen remains onshore. 
  • August 2017: Mr Van de Roost, a South African national, released after 6 weeks in Curtin Detention Centre; Mr Van de Roost was released temporarily for affairs to be managed and preparation of offshore visa application to which his is eligible and not affected by time in detention. 
  • December 2017: Mr Singh, an Indian national, released after 5 and a half weeks in detention; Mr Singh has an ongoing matter with the department and remains onshore and in the community. 
  • January 2017: Mr Hoang, Vietnamese national, released after 2 and half weeks in Marybrynong Detention Centre; Mr Hoang is presently preparing a new matter with the department and remains on release from detention. 
  • October 2017: Ms Lee, a South Korean national, released after 6 nights in Villawood Detention Centre.  Ms Lee's case is still under management. 

In all cases, it was essential that detainees, their loved ones or concerned third parties contact us immediately to consult for assistance and intervention. 

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Paul Sadler
Registered Migration Law Professional

For assistance with immigration detention release requests or other visa and migration matters, contact Mr Paul Sadler on (02) 8971 1663 or via our contact us page.