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December 9, 2014

Complex Migration – Visa Refusal, Cancellation


Visa refusal and cancellationVISAFAQ’s migration professionals are experienced with visa refusal, cancellation. We can advise and represent you at Administrative Affairs Tribunal (AAT), Migration and Refugee divisions (formerly known as Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) and¬†Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT)).

All three divisions of the AAT handle different types of visa refusal and cancellation.

The role of the Tribunals in Australian Immigration Law is to allow for visa application refusal (or visa cancellation decisions) to be reviewed by an independent body. For this reason, it is considered a ‘second-chance’ review of visa refusal or cancellation.

Most cases appealed at the Tribunals, however, fail to have the original decision changed.

In many cases, this is simply because the person applying for review of the decision to refuse visa application (or cancel their visa) do not meet essential criteria.

In other cases, however, review at the Tribunals are lost simply because the review applicant was not adequately prepared or did not make representations of their case to the Tribunal in accordance with immigration law.

A number of these such cases could have been won if the review applicant made their arguments and submissions in way that satisfied essential criteria under Australian immigration law.

It is also to remember that there are strict time frames for applications to be made and responses given to the tribunal.

To seek confidential advice or to engage a migration law professional, send a brief outline of your problem and timeline of events.

More information on the processes of application can be found at AAT website.