Training and Research Visa – 407, 408

The Training and Research visas are available only to Australian businesses operating for more than 12 months, or Australian or foreign government agencies.

There are three streams available: Occupational Trainee (up to 2 years validity); Professional Development (up to 18 months validity), and; Research (12 months validity).

Family members can accompany visa holders on the Occupational Trainee and Research stream visas.

Family member work rights are restricted to 40 hours per fortnight Occuapational Trainee stream visa holders. Full work rights are granted to family members of Research stream visa holders.


Process of Applications

Before a visa application can be made, the sponsoring entity, whether an Australian business or government entity, must be accredited as a Training and Research or Professional Development Sponsor.

Once accredited as a Sponsor, a Nomination application is to be made.

An approved Nomination is a prerequisite to a successful grant of Training and Research visa.

Pitfalls to Avoid

The key pitfalls to avoid in making each of the 3 applications for a 407, 408 visa grant are listed below. The list is comprised of common reasons for application failures.

  1. Sponsorship:
    1. Failure to demonstrate financial capacity to sponsor non-resident trainees;
    2. Failure to demonstrate lawful operations;
    3. Failure to demonstrate bona fides of training, research or professional development programs;
    4. Failure to demonstrate compliance with Australian industry standards for training, research or capacity building;
  2. Nomination:
    1. Incorrectly nominated occupation from the skills occupation lists;
    2. Failure to demonstrate remuneration against Australian awards;
    3. Failure to provide evidence of support of regulatory bodies in Australia or nominee’s home country;
    4. Failure to demonstrate a genuine need for the nominated training, research or professional development.
  3. 407/408 Visa application:
    1. Incorrect occupation for applicant skills, qualifications and background;
    2. Problems with Skills assessment;
    3. Insufficient work experience or training exposure to job role tasks.

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