Visa Applications


Visa Applications

Among our various services is managing visa applications for our clients.

This service is designed to maximise your peace of mind whilst ensuring every chance of success in your visa application. When you engage one of our migration professionals, we offer the following service benefits:

  • Our migration experts represent you throughout the process of applying for an Australian visa;
  • You get an up-front quote for services to be performed;
  • You will be notified of any additional expenses by third parties (such as DIAC or other bodies involved in your application);
  • Your case will be professionally managed by a Registered Australian Migration Agent;
  • You will be able to access your Agent by email or telephone throughout the application process;
  • All enquiries will be handled with a prompt response;
  • Your Agent will manage all documentation and communications with DIAC;
  • Your application will be prepared to meet the high standards required by DIAC;
  • Your agent will deal honesty, fairly and with integrity, providing honest advice throughout;
  • Your agent will lodge your application only when he or she is certain of a positive result;
  • Your agent will maintain contact with you;
  • You will be given a comphrehensive list of documents and evidence required for your visa application;
  • Your agent will provide relevant advice on translations and certification processes for documents;
  • Your application will be reviewed to ensure compliance with current legislation;
  • Preparation of legal submission to argue that your visa application complies with legislative requirements;
  • Lodgement of your visa application to the appropriate DIAC office;
  • Timely administration of fee payments to DIAC;
  • Ongoing monitoring of application status;
  • Assistance in liaising with DIAC over requests for further documentation;
  • Interview preparation assistance;

Appeals to the MRT, RRT, AAT and Ministerial Interventions

Appeals to the Tribunals, otherwise referred to as merits review, is a complicated and highly stressful process. Our migration professionals are fully conversant with the law and can assist you in the preparation of your submission and representation at the Tribunals for each of the following:

  • Visa cancellations and refusals;
  • Adverse character assessments;
  • Other

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Our business immigration and corporate mobility professionals understand the complexities of Australia’s frequently changing immigration and citizenship laws. We can help business and investment individuals and corporate entities alike in steering a course through the complex maize of options for business and investment migration. We also provide advisory services in corporate resettlement, sponsorship and compliance monitoring.

Our combined expertise combines with strategic partners in tax, accounting and Australian financial services to assist clients with end to end solutions for their immigration and corporate global mobility needs. We assist corporate entities and individuals in a number of ways:

Corporate Entities

  • Provision of timely and accurate advice on business migration, sponsorship, employer nomination, labour agreements and business skills relocation according to specific corporate objectives;
  • Expert management of sponsorship, nomination and visa applications, including effective liaison with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) and other essential stakeholders;
  • Provision of migration oriented advice for tapping into global skilled labour markets;
  • Identification of cost effective strategies to meet objectives whilst keeping costs low;
  • Identification of risk mitigation strategies for corporate migration and sponsorship programs;
  • Assistance with global relocation of skilled, sponsored or expatriate staff;
  • Compliance obligation advice and monitoring for DIAC approved business sponsors and labour agreement holders;
  • Representation to the Migration Review Tribunal for application refusals or visa cancellations.


  • Provision of immigration advice on a range on business, investment, retirement, skilled or employment visas for individuals and their dependents;
  • Representation for visa applications and end to end management of the application process;
  • Compliance monitoring and advice for provisional business and investment visa holders seeking permanent residence.
  • Representation to the Migration Review Tribunal for application refusals or visa cancellations.

Maximise your peace of mind! Engage us to see how we can help you achieve your migration goals! Submit your query below and one of our migration specialists will be in contact with you very shortly.