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December 29, 2015

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for Australian Visas and Migration

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Recognition of Prior Learning is a formal process of gaining recognition for job skills learned through work experience and/or self-study.

Recognition of Prior Learning is a competency based. Competency is demonstrated through provision of evidence such as letters of reference, resumes, photographs, videos or other documentation.

Recognition of Prior Learning assessments are carried out with ‘units of competency’, much along the lines of a formal course of study’s grading and assessment criteria.

Units of competency consist of Core and Elective components and can range from a handle to an extensive number of units, depending on the skills sets being assessed.

Most importantly for skilled and work sponsored visa applicants to Australia, Recognition of Prior Learning can provide essential qualifying points (for points based migration) or grant criteria (for employer nominations)

[callout1]It is important to bear in mind, that Recognition of Prior Learning is NOT simply gaining recognition for employment and/or work experience. [/callout1]

Recognition of Prior Learning is gaining recognition for the fact that the applicant has LEARNED the core and elective competencies for their nominated occupation.

Quite simply, this means the applicant for Recognition of Prior Learning can demonstrate knowledge as well as practical skills.

Australian immigration rules for skilled and work visas place a great emphasis on up-to-date and practical knowledge and occupational skills. Applicants with extensive work experience may have abundant on the job skills, but could be lacking knowledge of recent industry best practices.

Recognition of Prior Learning Brokerage Service


From assessment of eligibility, provision of basic advice through to commencement of Recognition of Prior Learning assessment, we can connect you to the right training provider for your industry and occupation.

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