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Partner Visa Online Application – $2,800 (ex GST)

Partner Visa Online Application service simplifies the application process.

After payment, a ‘required documents checklist’ is sent to you by email.

The required documents checklist will include additional suggested documents.

Suggested documents will improve your application.

Simply upload your documents and we do the rest.

What you need to start?

  1. Required documents checklist (sent on clearance of payment).
  2. Essential documents from checklist.
  3. Secondary applicant/s required documents from checklist.
  4. Supporting evidence for application (also listed on the checklist).

What do you do next?

  1. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button below and enter payment details.
  2. Await instruction email (and receipt) with required documents checklist and documents upload link.
  3. Upload required documents and supporting documents through upload link.
  4. Upload secondary applicant support documents and additional support documents.
  5. Submit uploaded documents.
  6. Await our further instruction and advice on your application.

What do we do next?

  1. We will receive notice of your payment.
  2. The required documents checklist will be sent to you by email automatically.
  3. We will await your uploaded documents.
  4. When all documents are received, application commences.
  5. Application once complete is checked and reviewed by a registered migration specialist.
  6. Inadequate or missing documents will be requested from you.
  7. Final check is made of application, a copy is sent to you for review.
  8. Application is lodged*.

What happens after application is lodged?

We will continue to represent you after application is lodged.

We will contact you if the Department requires additional information.

We will inform you when visa grant occurs.

We can provide additional assistance beyond visa grant for your studies in Australia.

* Note:

  • Application lodgement requires credit card details to be provided by visa applicant.
  • Service fees do not include departmental and other fees required for application.
  • Additional work to be performed in support of application will require separate billing. Additional billing is to be paid prior to additional work being performed.
  • Service agreement is to be entered into with payment for services.
  • Quoted price is ex-GST. Payments outside of Australia are NOT subject to GST. 
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