Tips to boost your sales!

To maximise your sales and boost returns, follow these tips:

  • Provide free content to establish relationship with potential customers
  • Provide blog articles with links to your produtcts
  • Engage with test takers up to time of sitting exams
  • Encourge reviews and testimonials
  • Complete a comprehensive profile with professional bio
  • Personalise your profile to engage potential customers
  • Keep your resources up to date
  • Provide details of your professional expertise in your profile


FAQs for Vendor Hosting

What is your hosting fee + rate of commission?

Unless specified by agreement, hosting + commission is set at 10%. Commission at higher rates are established by agreement with service providers and vendors.

When will I be paid? 

Payments are issued monthly via preferred payment. Methods of payment are bank transfer and PayPal. Invoices are automatically generated on a monthly basis to calculate amount owed to a vendor on the basis of volume of sales less hosting and commission fee. Please note that monthly payments are issued for sale of product downloads only, as escrow payments for services are withheld until service delivery is complete.

How can I be paid instantly? 

Approved vendors with PayPal account can be paid instantly through PayPal Adaptive Payment Gateway service. When the customer purchase a download product, adaptive payments split the payment to credit vendor account with purchase amount less hosting fee. Please note that services are not automatically paid as payments are issued following delivery of service to the customer.  This is designed to protect customers from unscrupulous operators who charge and accept payment for services but do not deliver. We are in the process of implementing an escrow system to allow for funds to be released by mutual agreement of customer and service provider.

What are dispute resolution procedures?

Disputes are mediated by our disputes department. For dispute resolution, email can be sent to the office administrator at Include the reference number for the relevant purchase and the nature of the dispute.

What is your policy on copyrighted material?

VISAFAQ’s content is based on User Generated Content (UGC). VISAFAQ does not check user uploaded/created content for violations of copyright or other rights. However, if you believe any of the uploaded content violates your copyright or a related exclusive right, you should follow the process outlined in our infringement resolution procedures. VISAFAQ looks into reported violations and removes or disables content shown to be violating third party rights. We take violation of copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights very serious. Vendors found in breach of intellectual property right laws will be given opportunity to show cause why their account should be not suspended. Repeat violations will result in account cancellation.