Skilled Migration Australia e-book

Skilled Migration Australia e-bookSkilled Migration Australia – 100 Things You Must Know! 

This e-book is packed with well over 100 unique tips, insights and secrets about Skilled Migration to Australia. 

So much of the advice contained in this e-book is unique, you will only find here and not in blogs or published on the official Immigration website

There is even a lot of advice, warnings and revelations about the visa application process that Department of Immigration will not tell you.

Whether you are applying for a skilled visa to Australia, or considering skilled migration, this e-book is a must!

With answers to many questions, this e-book is a powerful guide for any planning or wishing to migrate to Australia through Australia’s skilled migration programs.

The detailed information in this Skilled Migration Australia e-book constitutes an invaluable guide book to employers, students, visa applicants in Australia and applicants from abroad.

This e-book has come about through painstaking research by the author.

In researching and writing this e-book the author consulted numerous Australian migration experts. Hundreds of migration law cases from Australian courts and tribunals were also reviewed.

As a result, the contents of this e-book are current, valuable and highly insightful.

In writing this e-book, my aim has been to reveal the secrets of successful skilled migration to Australia. I want to help the reader of this e-book to avoid the pitfalls, risks, dangers and mistakes of failed applications.

Osmo Oppenheimer, author

What you will find inside

This e-book is structured to maximize the potential for success for Skilled Migration Australia for each and every reader.

  • The first part of the book takes the reader through the building blocks of the skilled migration system. This helps the reader to quickly understand the complexities of the system that so often lead to failure in visa applications.
  • The second part exposes the hidden secrets of the Australian Immigration Department’s SkillSelect system.
  • The third and final section reveals the traps, pitfalls and reasons for problems with sponsored employment migration.

You are sure to find the answers to your questions in this publication. You will even get new ideas and insights that will help your migration planning. This e-book can help you with all of that! And more…


NOTE: Contents of this e-book have been verified for accuracy and Australian Migration specialistscurrency by migration professionals at partner site VISAFAQ.


As an additional bonus, this e-book includes

  • many highly useful checklists,
  • quick reference guides, and
  • other useful resources for anyone considering or embarking on skilled migration to Australia. 

What do industry experts say about it?

[su_divider]In the words of one reviewer,

‘Oppenheimer has masterfully and incisively extracted the chief barriers to successful skilled migration for many would-be and aspirational skilled migrants to Australia. A delight to read and rich with insight, this resource is an absolute must for any who would will to engage in skilled migration to Australia!’

Nigel Smart, Ausvisa Global Mobility, Hong Kong


One industry insider asked to give a review of the pre-published version had this to say,

For only $29 this e-book represents fantastic value! When asked to review I was expecting to find things repeated off blog sites and Immigration Department web pages. To my surprise, I found so many gems of valuable information that I had never come across before. For anyone planning skilled migration to Australia or attempting to do it themselves, I thoroughly recommend this e-book!

Tommy James, Australian Migration Agent, Manila, Philippines


Start your Skilled Migration Australia journey today!

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About the Author:

Paul Sadler is a prominent Sydney based migration law expert. Paul possesses wide ranging experience across a number of visa categories with specialisation in employer sponsored, business skills and complex migration. Paul is highly accomplished in such complex migration cases as waiver requests, responses to notice of intention to consider cancellation, visa cancellation revocation requests, application for release from immigration detention and PIC 4020 appeals, both at Departmental level and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). Paul is also fluent in Mandarin and Indonesian. MARN 1382089.
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