Work Rights Bridging Visa Application – $299

Work Rights Bridging Visa application writing service for holders of bridging visas with no work rights. 

Work rights bridging visaWe guide you through the process of

  • setting up your application
  • identifying key arguments to strengthen request for work rights
  • Address questions and response of the Department
  • Identify compelling evidence you can use in the application
  • Handle your communications with case officers
  • Formatting your application in the correct way
  • Advise on strategy to strengthen application

We have assisted hundreds of applicants with permission to work requests.

We understand it is a highly stressful experience and guarantee strict confidentiality.


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Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter Writing Service

Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter Writing Service

Too busy? Not sure how to do it? Try our Genuine Temporary Entrant Letter Writing Service for your student visa application.

We can assist by writing a comprehensive letter for you. 

The Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement is a test applied to student visa applications.

The test is used to assess student visa applications onshore and offshore.

The test is more strict for people from high risk countries or for people who have already held a student or other visa.

The risk of fail is high for applications with no supporting GTE Letter.

The risk of fail is also high for applications with inadequate GTE letter.

How it works?

  • Simply purchase the service by clicking the buy now button below.
  • We will be in touch with you very soon afterwards to collect information.
  • We will then produce a draft for you to review.
  • Rewrite will occur in consultation with you.
  • Final draft will be provided to you.

Who will provide it?

A dedicated MARA registered migration professional will produce your GTE letter.

Benefits of this Service

  • You will have access to multiple rewrites.
  • You will have a highly experienced migration professional working on your case.
  • You will have access to FREE ADVICE on your student visa application.*
  • We will customise your GTE Letter to your circumstances.


* NOTE: You must purchase the service before accessing advice for your application.


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Skilled Migration Eligibility Assessment

Our Skilled Migration Eligibility Assessment features: 

  • Calculation of your points for skilled migration (EOI/SkillSelect, State/Territory Nominated etc)
  • Brief advice on how to boost your points
  • Brief advice on prospects of sponsored migration*
  • Brief advice on sponsored employment prospects in your chosen industry/sector
  • Potential invitation to be a part of Temporary Sponsored Work Scheme**
  • Up to date and timely advice under current migration law and industrial/employment trends
All assessments completed by experienced migration professionals registered in Australia.

* We closely monitor Department of Education and Training and Department of Employment (maintainers of skilled occupation lists) for flagged occupations to be entered on to and take off the respective occupation lists in the various skilled migration programs.

** We partner with Sponsor Connect online recruitment who provide information on opportunities for short, temporary, long term and permanent sponsored employment.

skilled migration assessment

We provide written advice of our assessment. This can be used to commence applications or to be used for your longer term skilled migration planning and preparation.


Assessment in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Order the assessment below. Simply click on the purchase link below to order your assessment.

  2. Once payment is confirmed, we will send client questionnaire for you to complete.

  3. We process your information then send completed eligibility assessment report.


As an additional BONUS we will enter your resume and details into Sponsor-Connect’s online database to be searchable by employers for long and short term sponsored work. 

We have a rapid turnaround on assessments.


Here is what a couple of satisfied customers have to say.

  • Paul and the team were completely professional from start to finish. The advice given was easy to follow and spot on! I would not have known I that I was eligible for state sponsorship, and so the timely and valuable advice meant I got an invitation to apply soon after lodging my EOI.–Thomas, UK, Diesel Mechanic, 190 Visa Recipient

  • I found the process of understanding migration to Australia very confusing. A friend of mine had dealt with Paul and the team at VISAFAQ and suggested I seek their assistance. Following a brief assessment, I was told I could not expect skilled independent or state nominated visa. I was informed that I was eligible for sponsored migration in my area of expertise as horticulturalist, especially in Western Australia. I found a potential employer sponsor, but a 457 or 187 visa was high risk for him. VISAFAQ arranged short term visa arrangement for trial, and the employer decided to sponsor me for 187 direct entry. Thank you VISAFAQ!–Edward, Namibia, horticulturalist, 187 Visa Recipient

  • I first contracted Paul and VISAFAQ team to handle my EOI for SkillSelect. They chose the most appropriate pathway, visa category and did all the rest. I asked the team to manage my skills assessment, visa applications and all other affairs for my myself and my family to relocate to Australia. It was seamless and hassle free. My wholehearted endorsement goes to Paul and the team at VISAFAQ.–Pieter, Norway, Oil and Gas Industry Consultant


Got any questions? Just Contact Us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Auditable Training Plan Compilation Service

AAuditable Training Planuditable Training Plan Compilation Service

Our Auditable Training Plan Compilation Service is structured around your business’ specific requirements.
We investigate your training requirements and draft your plan in a format acceptable to case officers in the Department.

Auditable Training Plans are essential for businesses operating for less than 12 months.

Training plans are highly beneficial for businesses operating for more than 12 months.

Benchmark A and B need to be documented in the training plan, according to the specific requirements of the business. We can document and validate the plan for you in a way that is accepted by Departmental case officers.


Doing the Auditable Training Plan yourself? Download our Auditable Training Plan Template.


We can also advise on visa requirements for training plans and training obligation requirements.

Simply order the service by purchasing below and we will be in touch soon after to gather information.

Got any questions before you commit? Contact us with any queries.

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