Auditable Training Plan Template

Auditable Training Plan Template imageAuditable Training Plan Template guides DIY business sponsors managing their own applications.

Training Benchmark A and B requirements can be complex and complicated to calculate.

The template will guide the application manager through the calculation process.

The template will ensure the correct figure for training benchmark is calculated, and superflous expenses avoided.

Simple choose the Training Benchmark required (Benchmark A or B) and follow thetemp instructions to demonstrate required payroll figure.

The template structure is formatted in a way that is acceptable to Departmental case officers.

For questions, queries or comments, please email and one of our migration specialists will be in touch within 24 hours.

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Paul Sadler is a prominent Sydney based migration law expert. Paul possesses wide ranging experience across a number of visa categories with specialisation in employer sponsored, business skills and complex migration. Paul is highly accomplished in such complex migration cases as waiver requests, responses to notice of intention to consider cancellation, visa cancellation revocation requests, application for release from immigration detention and PIC 4020 appeals, both at Departmental level and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). Paul is also fluent in Mandarin and Indonesian. MARN 1382089.
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